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Cook Needle Decompression Kit

cook® needle decompression kit-the first complete kit for the rapid treatment of tension pneumothorax using a standard over-the-needle catheter technique. the kit includes an 8.5fr x 7.5cm long access plus needle which features a reinforced catheter that will resist collapsing when the stylette is removed. also included is a large alcohol prep and povidone-iodine swab for cleaning and preparing the chest wall for insertion. the molnar disc and short roll of transpore tape aid in securing the access plus catheter, and the 2-way stopcock and heimlich valve ensure a positive one-way air seal. for those who prefer to use a syringe during insertion, a 10cc slip tip syringe is also included. assembled in a compact sterile package, the needle decompression kit is also easy to store.
In order to purchase this item, proper licensing is required and a Prescription Drug Authorization form must be submitted. Click here to download the form.
Price: $180.00
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