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Blood Pressure Cuff, Aneroid 4 Sizes

Maintain accurate blood pressure readings with lower lifetime cost with gear-free DuraShock technology, the first major innovation in aneroid technology in nearly 100 years. Part of our Gold Series, the DS66 Trigger features an innovative trigger-release design for easy operation.   DS66 Aneroid Multi-Cuff Kit: L Adult, Adult, S Adult, Child Cuffs 


Shock resistant to maintain accuracy with lower lifetime cost—can withstand up to 30" drop and remain in calibration
Soft comfort grip
Jewel movement for long life
Laser-engraved dial face for accuracy
Trigger deflation valve for smooth, one-finger operation
15-year calibration warranty
Lighter weight than traditional models—won’t weigh down your lab coat
Premium aesthetics

Product SKU: WA-50983
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SKU#: WA-509830

Price: $295.00
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