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Smart CapnoLine Plus O2

The patented Smart CapnoLine™ EtCO2 circuits are ideal for non-intubated applications such as procedural sedation where oral ventilation can occur and cause inaccurate readings and waveforms if the patient alternates oral and nasal breathing. The unique uni-junction design enables a crisp continuous waveform and accurate data regardless if the patient is a mouth or nose breather or alternates between the two modes. The "smart" design enables the cannula to collect the EtCO2 sample from either the mouth or the nose. Smart CapnoLine™ O2--Enables the delivery of supplemental oxygen to the patient while monitoring the exhaled CO2 from oral and/or nasal ventilation.

Specifications for Smart CapnoLine™ EtCO2 circuits. Non-intubated Dual Purpose Circuits (O2/EtCO2) (Maximum O2 flow rate at 5 LPM).

Tubing Length for all Smart CapnoLine™ products: 255cm

Product SKU: MPC-119960001
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