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Gauze Bandage , 6 Ply, Sterile Bulkee II

Ideal for both primary and secondary wound care dressings. When used as a primary dressing, the open weave design provides fast wicking, absorbency, and aeration. Compared to the leading brands, this gauze has a more tightly finished edge for reduced linting and more crimps per linear foot for increased cushioning and patient comfort. The 6-ply bandage stretches and conforms to a variety of patient needs. It performs exceptionally well in burn care applications.
Product SKU: NON-258
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2.25" X 3yd,
SKU#: NON-25850

Price: $7.95
Box of 12
3.4" X 3.6YD
SKU#: NON-25861

Price: $1.95
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