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CIDEX OPA Test Strips

60 test strips per bottle

To verify the efficacy of CIDEX OPA Solution, ASP recommends testing for the minimum effective concentration (MEC) prior to each use. ASP offers test strips designed specifically for use with CIDEX OPA Solution. Easy to use and read, CIDEX OPA Test Strips are the most reliable means to verify that CIDEX OPA Solution will effectively destroy microorganisms including the highly resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

For optimal results, please carefully follow Instructions for Use when using test strips:

  1. Completely submerge indicated pad of the strip into solution. Hold for 1 second, then remove. Do not shake strip.
  2. Remove excess solution by standing the strip upright on a paper towel.
  3. Read results at 90 seconds. Do not read past 90 seconds. Pad will be completely purple to indicate effective solution. If any blue remains on the pad apart from the top line, the solution is ineffective and must be discarded.
  4. Tightly recap test strip bottle after each use.
  5. Discard any unused test strips 90 days after bottle is originally opened.
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