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LifePak 5, 10 & 11 Fast Charge Battery

LifePak AED battery pack has a shelf life of five (5) years stored at proper temperatures. Shelf life is defined as the length of time a LifePak battery can be stored, prior to installation into AED, without degrading its performance. Proper storage temperature is between 0°C to +35°C (32°F to +95°F). Depending on usage, this AED battery can last up to three years or 750 charge/discharge cycles. 

When optimally maintained, this new Medtronic LifePak AED battery pack has a capacity of 1.8 Amp hours. It is important to know that just turning the AED on uses up battery capacity. Also, each year, Medtronic LifePak AED battery capacity decreases while the battery is in the AED due to the normal self-discharge rate.

  • NiCd - Rechargeable
  • Amp/Hour Capacity: 1.8
  • Voltage: 12V
Compatible with:
  • LifePak 5
  • LifePak 10
  • LifePak 11
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Price: $69.00
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