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Emergency Portable Ventilator

This emergency preparedness ventilator is simple, lightweight, robust and affordable. The emergency preparedness ventilator with assist-control is a portable mechanical ventilator designed to provide effective ventilation for intubated or non-intubated patients, maximizing medical surge response during the initial stages of a mass casualty event.

The emergency preparedness ventilator is a gas-powered electronically-controlled vent that is extremely easy to use and is equipped with independent inspiratory time, tidal volume, and BPM controls. It also features a built-in digital manometer and a full array of pre-set visual and audible safety alarms. The assist-control function triggers at less than -2 cm H2O to accommodate spontaneous breathing. The weather-resistant EPV200 will run for up to 48 hours on two D cell batteries, and is ideal for stockpiling or everyday use.

  • Tidal volumes: 200 to 1200 ml
  • Inspiratory times: second or 2 seconds
  • BPM: 8 to 30 (1-second inspiratory time) or 8 to 20 (2-second inspiratory time)
  • Battery run time: 48 hours at room temperature with settings of 10 BPM and 2-second inspiratory time; 2 D batteries required to control the alarms and settings 
  • Manometer readout: 5 to 99 cm H2O
  • Unit run time: run time with settings of 650 ml tidal volume and 10BPM
  • D cylinder: approximately 47 minutes
  • Jumbo D cylinder: approximately 85 minutes
  • E cylinder approximately 85 minutes
  • Hospital O2 unlimited run time
  • Hospital air unlimited run time
  • EPV200 features assist-control ventilation mode
  • High airway pressure alarm
  • Low airway pressure/patient disconnect alarm
  • Low source gas alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Airway pressure relief
Product SKU: LSP-EPV20
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