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ISO-POD Pediatric w- 2- Clear Window Per Side, 2- Pair Gloves

ISO-POD Choice Plus w- 3- Clear Window Per Side, 4- Pair Gloves, Backboard Pocket, Hand Holds

ISO-POD Advantage Plus w- Full-Length Window Per Side, 7- Pair Gloves, Backboard Pocket, 6- Hand Holds

ISO-POD Chem/Bio Enhanced
w- Full-Length Window Per Side, 9- Pair Gloves, Backboard Pocket, 8x- Hand Holds, 3-Way Valve (Hotswap); Waste Passthru Bag, Filter Passthru Bag, Siderail Straps (hook n' loop, to secure to the rails on a gurney), 30 oz. Base Material (better liquid breakthru)

Product SKU: POD-A
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Chem/Bio Enhanced

Price: $4,967.00
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