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Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders

Lightweight Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders are a great choice when remote emergencies call for the administration of oxygen. Made from high strength aluminum alloy, these lifesavers are 40% lighter than steel. These cylinders feature a corrosion resistant interior and exterior. All Worthington medical oxygen cylinders are manufactured according to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) 3AL and Transport Canada (TC) 3ALM requirements.                       
    Empty Weight               O2 Capacity Cubic Ft/liter

Size C               4.6lbs.                            8.76/248                          

Size D               6.4lbs.                            14.64/415

Product SKU: VM-091600
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Size C with toggle
SKU#: VM-09160030

Price: $70.00
Size D with toggle
SKU#: VM-09160039

Price: $80.00
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