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Hartwell Medical FASPLINT Kit

The FASPLINT™ is a semi-disposable vacuum splint that provides fast, secure immobilization without circumferential pressure. Made to fit the patient, instead of manipulating the patient to fit the splint, it eliminates the potential for vessel and nerve damage. Unlike air splints, the FASPLINT™ molds to the contours of the patient's injury. This ensures that even difficult fractures and dislocations can be stabilized easily and quickly. This vacuum splint provides optimum immobilization at a very affordable price.

Medical emergency and trauma incidents that involve difficult situations of extrication, evacuation, and immobilization can benefit hugely from the Hartwell Medical FASPLINT™ Kit.

The FASPLINT™ is available in a kit or as individual splints in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.

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“Using FASPLINT requires little or no training. It is especially useful in medical emergency situations where we work with other emergency workers like the Fire Department and are able to get their help in evacuating, extricating and immobilizing injured people, very quickly and efficiently.

Another big advantage over other types of board splints or air splints is that FASPLINT is semi-disposable; so in a situation where it gets dirty, we don’t have to necessarily clean and reuse it.
Affordable, easy to use, and flexible enough to offer patients comfort in varied emergency immobilization situations; that’s why we use FASPLINT.

We would easily recommend it other ambulance service providers, paramedic organizations and disaster response teams.”     
Thomas Lambert, supervisor, Lane LifeTRANS

Unique Features of FASPLINT™:
  • Conforms to any shape or angle
  • The FASPLINT does not apply any circumferential pressure on the injured area
  • The tapered shape of the FASPLINT is anatomically appropriate for immobilizing extremity injuries.
  • Quality vinyl provides excellent patient comfort and makes the splint easy to form, even in cold temperatures
  • All brands of medical tape can be used to secure splint in
  • Bright safety orange color is easy to spot, even at night
  • Three sizes-Large, medium and small. The large splint is ideal for leg and shoulder injuries or as a small child immobilizer. The medium splint is the splint of choice for adult arms and ankles. The small splint works well for wrist fractures and dislocations, as well as child arm and leg injuries.
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Our shopping cart has moved!
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