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Heimlich Chest Drain Valve

  • The Heimlich Chest Drain Valve is a specially designed flutter valve used to replace underwater bottles in chest drainage.
  • Constructed of rubber tubing, the valve is compressed at one end to form leaflets that control uni-direction flow.
  • The valve is encased in a transparent plastic chamber with tapered ends.
  • The proximal end of the casing can be attached to most chest catheters and the distal end to tubing that empties into a plastic bag
  • If desired, the distal end can be connected to regulated suction.
  • The Heimlich Chest Drain Valve is sterile and a single use device.
10 per box
Sold by the each
Product SKU: BD-37346
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In order to purchase this item, proper licensing is required and a Prescription Drug Authorization form must be submitted. Click here to download the form.
SKU#: BD-373460

Price: $60.00
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