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Mucosal Atomization Device

Mucosal Atomization Device delivers intranasal medication in a fine mist which enhances absorption and improves bioavailability for fast and effective drug delivery. By eliminating the need to establish an IV, delivery is rapid which is useful for treating various emergency ENT, anesthesia, and pediatric conditions.

• No needle - No shot - No pain

• No risk of needlestick

• Less frightening for children

• Disposable

• Individually packaged clean
• Available with or without 3 ml syringe
• Latex-free

Product SKU: MAD-
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In order to purchase this item, proper licensing is required and a Prescription Drug Authorization form must be submitted. Click here to download the form.
with Syringe
SKU#: MAD-100

Price: $7.95
Price: $198.75
with out Syringe
SKU#: MAD-300

Price: $7.54
Price: $188.50
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