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Disposable Toomey Syringe

Bard Piston Toomey Irrigation Syringe has a barrel that fits all standard cystoscopes or resectoscopes. Its double-flanged plunger tip ensures an adequate vacuum is created. The thumb-ring plunger and smooth piston action permit easy one-hand use. It features a catheter adapter tip which allows for irrigation of foley catheters. The luer adapter tip allows for inflation of the foley catheter balloon. For single-use. Sterile and latex-free.
Some features of this disposable Toomey Irrigation Syringe are :
Double-flanged plunger tip
Thumb-ring plunger
Smooth piston action
70cc piston syringe barrel
Fits all standard cystoscopes or resectoscopes
Catheter adapter tip
Luer adapter tip

Product SKU: DV-384
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In order to purchase this item, proper licensing is required and a Prescription Drug Authorization form must be submitted. Click here to download the form.
SKU#: DV-3846

Price: $4.25
Price: $106.25
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