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Thomas Intubation Pack/Bags

A complete, organized grab-and-go airway kit designed to carry all the equipment needed for a successful intubation. The new Thomas Transport Airway Kit was designed from scratch by EMS professionals that were frustrated by the incomplete and poorly organized airway kits on the market today.

The outside of the TTP Airway kit includes a small pocket designed to hold gloves, Braselow tape, or an ALS pocket guide. The other side of the kit includes the Thomas dry erase board and pen, which can be used for patient note taking (vital signs, drugs administered, etc..) or equipment replacement reminders. The inside section is designed to hold:

  • 8 laryngoscope blades and a medium or large handle
  • Multiple size syringes from 10cc up to 60cc
  • Two sizes of Magill forceps and guide
  • Lockable vinyl pocket for drugs or other accessories including batteries, smaller size syringes, and airways
  • Two other pockets (one vinyl) for storing up to 14 ET tubes and holders
  • The kit is protected throughout by three large pieces of 1/4" foam to prevent any damage to blades, syringes, drugs, or tubes.
Product SKU: TT-40
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SKU#: TT-400

Price: $25.00
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