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Hospital Decontamination Kit

The Hospital Decon Kit is a management and response tool designed specifically for medical facilities. The Decon Kit will aid in expediting the identification and staffing requirements needed to initiate emergency patient decontamination. The kit uses the HEICS management system and is an adjunct to HEICS planning.

DMS-05201 - 8 Position Hospital Decon Kit includes all of the items listed below, or we can customize it to suit your personnel and budget:

  • Decon Flags
  • Position Vests
  • Easy to Understand Forms
  • Pens, Pencils, Clipboards
  • Convenient, Easy to Store Bag
  • DECON Unit Leader
  • DECON Safety Officer
  • DECON Safe Refuge Area Officer
  • DECON Access Control Officer
  • DECON Welfare Officer
  • DECON Primary Flush
  • DECON Secondary Flush
  • DECON Final Rinse
  • DECON Primary Flush with Stand
  • DECON Secondary Flush with Stand
  • DECON Final Rinse with Stand

All Positions come with Clipboard and Responsibility Check List. Everything comes Packed in a Durable Carry Bag. NOTE: This kit is to be used with appropriate personal protective equipment.

Product SKU: DMS-0504
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SKU#: DMS-05041

Price: $648.99
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