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The Hand-E Hand Hold Device

The Hand-E short-term hand holder incorporates a one piece polyethylene main body and a rubber retainer. The main body is designed for easy cleaning and is light weight and durable with smooth edges. There is a slot on the back of the main body that can be slid onto a strap near the patient's waist to keep the device and the patient's arms from pulling toward the head. On each end of the device there is a series of notches to seat the rubber retainer into. The rubber retainer can be moved to lower notches to accommodate smaller wrists. On the foot end of the device there is a clip to retain the rubber retainer. The wrist slots accommodate most wrist sizes. Larger wrists are placed sideways into the slots, ulnar side first. Smaller wrists are placed flat, with the palms towards the body.
Product SKU: EP-7
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SKU#: EP-77

Price: $21.95
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